Client Name: Department of Industrial Relations
Project: Website User Interface Navigator Tool
Target Users: Public Workers
Role: Project lead, Implement user experience journey and design a user interface.
Duration: 4 Months​​​​​​​
Phase 1: Research 
I conducted research based on what is the department's vision and the functionality of this toolkit. I also conducted a research on the user need for the toolkit. 
Phase 2: Initial Draft
Based on the research and requirements, I developed an initial draft of this toolkit. During the research, I have conducted that the toolkit will be a simple click informative tool kit. With each click the user will get close to another level of answering simple questions to be directed to the proper information. 
Phase 3: Main Page / Call To Action
I worked on the main page of the tool kit - where the user will review the information on the page to determine if they are eligible to continue forward through the navigation page - by clicking on the Call to Action button - the START button.
I worked closely with the team to use the proper content, and developers on creating the first page.

Phase 3: Second Page
In this page the user will be able to read each button to determine which path to continue to get the proper information. 
When the user hover overs each selection, it will change to a different color to assure the user of their choice. 
Phase 3: Dates of Leave page
Due to heavy amount of information required on each page, I tried to keep the decision points and amount of information load very minimal for the user. For example: the user will need to select the date to know the next step. By clicking the date box they will be able to go to another step. 
Phase 4: Link the Navigation Toolkit to the main site​​​​​​​
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